How to Save Money on Postage with Discount Stamps (Case Study)

Do you want to know how a Florida car rental owner boosted his sales by 200% with discount stamps? In this article, you will learn how he did it and how you can do the same with this simple strategy.

David boosted his sales by 200% with discount stamps

How He Faced the Challenges of the Car Rental Industry in Florida

David Jones is the owner of Sunshine Car Rental, a small business that has been operating in Florida for 20 years. He has many loyal customers who love his quality service and competitive prices. His business was doing great until a few years ago. Then, he faced some challenges.

The tourism industry in Florida was going down because of many reasons, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, and political unrest. This meant fewer people wanted to rent cars, especially from other states. Also, David had more competition from other car rental companies, both local and national. They came into the market with lower rates and more marketing.

David knew he had to find a better way to keep his existing customers, get new ones, and stand out from the crowd. He tried different methods, such as email marketing, phone calls, and big coupons. But none of them worked well. Most people ignored his emails or deleted them. His phone calls were often not answered or cut short. His coupons were lost or forgotten.

sending letters with cheap forever stamps in bulk is a better way

One day, he had a great idea when he was checking his mailbox. He saw that he always paid attention to the letters he received, especially the ones that looked personal and handwritten. He thought that maybe he could use this old-fashioned method to reach his customers in a more effective and memorable way. He decided to start a direct mail campaign using letters instead of emails or flyers.

How He Designed His Direct Mail Campaign with Letters

He made his direct mail campaign with three different groups: existing customers, first-time customers, and potential customers. He wrote different messages for each group based on their needs and preferences. For example, he thanked his existing customers for their loyalty and gave them a special discount for their next rental. He welcomed his first-time customers and gave them a free upgrade or an extra day of rental. He introduced his potential customers to his business and asked them to try his service with a free trial or a low rate.

He also personalized each letter with the recipient’s name, address, and other details. He used a friendly and professional tone that matched his brand voice and values. He told them to visit his website or call his number to book a rental. He added a P.S. section that showed a unique benefit or feature of his service.

made his direct mail campaign and send with discount forever stamps for sale

How He Saved Money on Postage with Discount Stamps

However, there was one problem: the cost of postage. David knew that sending letters was not cheap, especially since he had to use forever stamps that would not change in price or value over time. He also knew that the price of forever stamps had gone up recently, making his direct mail campaign more expensive. He needed to find a way to lower his postage costs without losing quality or quantity.

He compared different sources of buying stamps online and offline. He looked at things like price, selection, service, and speed. He found out that buying stamps from the USPS website was easy but costly. Buying stamps from eBay or Amazon was risky and unreliable. Buying stamps from local stores was limited and took time.

He finally found, a website that specialized in selling discount stamps online. He liked their low prices, wide variety, fast delivery, and great customer service. He learned that they offered real U.S. postage at wholesale and bulk prices, with no sales tax and free shipping on all orders. They also had regular deals and discounts on some of their stamps, such as 50% off on 1000 pieces of blind box stamps or 10% off on the latest 2023 flag stamp.

He chose to work with and buy his stamps from them regularly. He was able to save up to 40% on his postage costs compared to buying from other sources. He also got access to their latest stock and deals before they ran out.

Here is a table that shows the pros and cons of different sources of buying stamps:

USPS websiteOfficial sourceExpensive
Local storesAvailabilityTime-consuming
TheUSPSstamps.comLow prices, wide selection, fast delivery, great service, regular deals and discountsLess News

How He Got Amazing Results with His Direct Mail Campaign

He now sends out 100,000 letters every month to his customers using discount stamps from The USPS stamps. His direct mail campaign has been a huge success, increasing his sales by 200%, or nearly $500,000 in revenue growth. His customers love his personal touch and attention, and they respond well to his offers and incentives. He also got new customers who were impressed by his letters and wanted to try his service.

David is very happy with the results of his direct mail campaign using discount stamps from The USPS stamps. He says that it is one of the best decisions he ever made for his business. He plans to keep using this strategy for the future, as he believes that it is a powerful way to connect with his customers and grow his business.

happy with the results of his direct mail campaign using discount stamps

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