How to Save Small Business’s Money with Cheap Forever Stamps?

Henry Nguyen is a small business owner who runs an online store selling handmade jewelry. He started his business in 2020, when the pandemic forced him to quit his job as a hotel manager. He had always been passionate about making jewelry, so he decided to turn his hobby into a source of income.

He soon realized that running an online store was not as easy as he had imagined. He had to deal with many challenges, such as marketing, inventory, customer service, and shipping. One of the biggest expenses he faced was mailing his products to his customers. He wanted to offer free shipping to attract more buyers, but he also wanted to keep his profit margin as high as possible.

That’s when he discovered cheap forever stamps.

What are cheap forever stamps?

Forever stamps are a type of postage stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that can be used to mail a one-ounce letter within the U.S. regardless of the current postal rate. They are called “forever” because they do not have a denomination printed on them and they never expire or lose value.

As of July 2023, U.S. Forever stamps cost 66 cents each—a 5% increase from the previous year. The great thing about Forever stamps is that they don’t list a value on the stamps themselves, so you can stock up and still use them even if the cost of a Forever stamp increases.

Cheap forever stamps are Forever stamps that are sold at a lower price than the official rate. They are usually available from online retailers, such as eBay or Some Forever Stamp Store, or from offline sources, such as garage sales or flea markets. They are often sold in bulk quantities, such as rolls of 100 or sheets of 20.

How can forever stamps for sale save you money?

If you buy cheap forever stamps at a discount, you can save money on your mailing costs. For example, if you buy a roll of 100 Forever stamps for $62 on eBay, you are paying only 62 cents per stamp, which is 4 cents less than the official rate. That means you can save $4 for every 100 letters you mail.

If you mail 1000 letters per year, that’s $40 in savings. If you mail 10,000 letters per year, that’s $400 in savings. And if you mail 100,000 letters per year, that’s $4000 in savings!

Of course, these numbers are hypothetical and may vary depending on the actual price and availability of cheap forever stamps. But the point is that buying cheap forever stamps can help you reduce your mailing expenses and increase your profit margin.

buying cheap forever stamps can reduce mailing expense

Where can you find cheap forever stamps online?

There are many places where you can find cheap forever stamps online. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Best place to buy cheap forever stamps in bulk for sale in 2023

Where can you find cheap forever stamps offline?

If you prefer to buy cheap forever stamps offline, you have some options too. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Garage sales: Garage sales are events where people sell their unwanted items at low prices. You may be able to find some cheap forever stamps at garage sales near you. However, garage sales are usually sporadic and unpredictable, so you may have to spend some time and effort to find them.
  • Flea markets: Flea markets are similar to garage sales, but they are usually larger and more organized. You can find many vendors selling different kinds of goods at flea markets, including cheap forever stamps. However, flea markets may also have some drawbacks, such as crowdedness, noise, or poor quality products.
  • Post offices: Post offices are the official places where you can buy USPS stamps at the regular price. However, sometimes they may have some promotions or discounts for certain types of stamps, such as holiday-themed ones. You can also ask the staff if they have any leftover or returned stamps that they can sell at a lower price.

When should you buy cheap Postage stamps?

The best time to buy cheap forever stamps is when the postal rates are about to increase or have just increased. This is because the demand for Forever stamps usually goes up before or after a rate hike, which means that the supply may go down and the prices may go up.

Therefore, if you want to buy cheap forever stamps at a bargain price, you should try to buy them before the postal rates change or right after they change. You can check the USPS website for the latest information on the postal rates and the upcoming changes.


Cheap forever stamps are a great way to save money on your mailing costs and boost your small business profits. You can find them online or offline at various sources, such as eBay, Forever Stamp Store:, garage sales, or flea markets. You should buy them when the postal rates are about to increase or have just increased to get the best deal.

If you are a small business owner like Henry Nguyen, you should consider buying cheap forever stamps for your mailing needs. They can help you cut down on your expenses and grow your business.

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