School Bus Stamps 2023 Additional Ounce 24¢

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Brand: USPS

Type : Sheet of 20 stamps

With the release of this new additional ounce stamp, the U.S. Postal Service celebrates the iconic yellow school bus and its role in ensuring that millions of children get to school and home again every day.

Like Forever stamps, These stamps Forever can be used to send Postcard even if stamp prices increase in the future.

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School Bus Stamps 2023

Additional Ounce 24¢ stamp

School Bus Stamps, a nostalgic tribute to the iconic yellow buses that have been a symbol of education and childhood for generations.

These charming stamps feature illustrations of classic school buses, each adorned with cheerful colors and friendly designs. From their distinctive shape to their role in safely transporting students to and from school, school buses hold a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike.

Whether you’re a student eagerly awaiting the ride to school or a parent waving goodbye from the curb, School Bus Stamps capture the excitement and anticipation of the school day ahead. Perfect for teachers, students, parents, or anyone who appreciates the simple joys of childhood, these stamps are sure to bring a smile to the faces of all who receive them.

So hop on board and relive the magic of the school bus with these delightful stamps. With each stamp, you’ll embark on a journey down memory lane and celebrate the timeless tradition of education and community.

Additional Ounce 24¢ stamp, your perfect postage solution for mailing heavier letters and packages.

Designed to complement existing postage rates, the Additional Ounce 24¢ stamp ensures that your mail reaches its destination without any hassle or delay. Whether you’re sending bulky envelopes, oversized cards, or extra-heavy packages, this stamp provides the extra postage needed to cover the additional weight.

With its simple yet versatile design, the Additional Ounce 24¢ stamp is suitable for a wide range of mailing needs. Whether you’re a business owner sending out invoices, a bride mailing wedding invitations, or a holiday enthusiast sending out festive greetings, this stamp offers a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure that your mail arrives safely and on time.

So don’t let weight restrictions hold you back – stock up on Additional Ounce 24¢ stamps today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mail is properly stamped and ready to go.

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Introducing the Toni Morrison Stamps, a tribute to the literary legacy and profound influence of one of America’s most celebrated authors.

These stamps honor Toni Morrison, the Nobel Prize-winning novelist whose powerful works explored the complexities of race, identity, and the human experience. Each stamp features a portrait of Morrison alongside images that represent her iconic novels, such as “Beloved,” “Song of Solomon,” and “The Bluest Eye.”

As a trailblazing literary figure, Morrison’s writing resonated deeply with readers around the world, sparking important conversations about history, culture, and social justice. Her words continue to inspire and challenge us, reminding us of the power of storytelling to illuminate the truth and foster empathy and understanding.

Whether you’re an avid reader, a lifelong fan of Toni Morrison, or simply appreciate the impact of her contributions to literature, these stamps are a fitting tribute to her enduring legacy. With each stamp, you’ll not only honor Morrison’s remarkable achievements but also celebrate the transformative power of literature to inspire change and provoke thought.


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    nice forever stamps! I love the price here! cheap but usable!

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    This is the best site to buy cheap forever stamps for sale. They have a lot of different themes and categories, and they are all beautiful and colorful. They are also very easy to use, and they have a peel-and-stick backing. They are perfect for mailing letters, cards, and packages.

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