How to Save Money and Time on Wedding Stamps USPS

If you are planning a wedding, you know how important it is to send out invitations, save the dates, RSVP cards, thank you cards and other wedding-related mail. You also know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to buy and mail all those envelopes. That’s why you need to know about the best way to get wedding stamps USPS for your big day.

In this article, I will share with you the story of Lisa, a bride-to-be who runs a small jewelry store in New York. She needed to send out 500 invitations for her wedding, and she wanted to use beautiful and personalized wedding stamps that matched her theme and style. She also wanted to save money and time on buying and mailing her invitations. Here’s how she did it.

Lisa Need discount wedding stamps USPS cheap in bulk in 2023

What are USPS Wedding Postage Stamps?

Wedding stamps USPS are postage stamps that are specially designed for wedding-related mail. They usually feature images of love, romance, flowers, hearts, rings or other symbols that celebrate marriage. They come in different denominations, depending on the weight and size of your envelopes. For example, if you are mailing a standard one-ounce letter, you can use a forever stamp that costs $0.66. If you are mailing a two-ounce letter, which is common for larger or heavier invitations, you can use a two-ounce stamp that costs $0.90.

Wedding stamps USPS are not only beautiful and elegant, but they also have some practical benefits. They can help you avoid the hassle of going to the post office to buy stamps or weigh your envelopes. They can also help you avoid the risk of underpaying or overpaying for postage, which can result in returned or delayed mail. And they can help you make a good impression on your guests, who will appreciate your attention to detail and personal touch.

Buy Best Wedding Stamps USPS in 2023

How Lisa Found Out About USPS Wedding Forever Stamps

Lisa was browsing online for some wedding inspiration when she stumbled upon a blog post about wedding stamps USPS. She was intrigued by the idea of using special stamps for her invitations, and she decided to do some more research. She googled “wedding stamps USPS” and found several websites that offered information and tips on how to use them.

She learned that the USPS has a website where you can buy wedding stamps online. She also learned that there are some third-party websites that sell wedding stamps at discounted prices. She compared the prices and designs of different stamps and found out that she could save up to 50% by buying from The USPS Stamps, a website that specializes in USPS stamps and offers limited-time deals and discounts.

She also learned that she could choose from a variety of wedding-themed designs, such as tulips, sunflowers, snowflakes, thank yous and more . She decided to go with the tulip blossoms design, which matched her spring wedding theme and color scheme.

How Lisa Bought USPS Wedding Invitation Stamps Online

Lisa was ready to buy her wedding stamps online, but she wanted to make sure she got the right amount and denomination for her envelopes. She measured and weighed one of her invitations and found out that it was 5 inches by 7 inches and weighed 1.5 ounces. She used a postage calculator to find out that she needed a two-ounce stamp for each invitation.

She went to The USPS Stamps website and searched for “two-ounce wedding stamps”. She found the tulip blossoms design that she liked and saw that it was on sale for $0.81 per stamp instead of $0.90. She also saw that there was a buy more save more offer: if she bought 500 stamps, she would get an extra 10% off. She added 500 stamps to her cart and checked out. She paid $364.50 for her stamps instead of $450, saving $85.50 or 19%.

She received an email confirmation with a tracking number for her order. She was happy to see that The USPS Stamps shipped from within the US and offered fast delivery. She received her stamps in three days in perfect condition.

How Lisa Mailed Her Invitations with Wedding Stamps USPS

Lisa was excited to mail her invitations with her wedding stamps USPS. She affixed one stamp on each envelope and wrote the addresses by hand. She wanted to make sure that her envelopes were not returned or delayed because of any errors or issues with the postage or the address.

She learned from the USPS website that there are some rules and guidelines for mailing wedding-related mail. For example, she learned that:

  • Square envelopes or envelopes that are too rigid or have clasps or strings may require a nonmachinable surcharge of $0.40 per item.
  • International mail may require a different stamp and a customs form.
  • Mail that is sent to military or diplomatic addresses may have special requirements.

She checked her envelopes and made sure that they met the standards and requirements of the USPS. She also verified the addresses of her guests and made sure that they were correct and complete. She avoided using abbreviations or nicknames and used proper punctuation and capitalization.

She took her envelopes to her local post office and asked them to hand-cancel them. Hand-canceling is a process where the post office stamps each envelope by hand instead of using a machine. This can prevent the envelopes from getting damaged or torn by the machine and can also add a vintage touch to the stamps.

She paid a small fee for the hand-canceling service and watched as the post office staff stamped each envelope with care. She thanked them for their help and left with a smile on her face.

buy discount wedding forever stamps for wedding invitations and RSVPs

How Lisa Enjoyed the Benefits of Wedding Stamps USPS

Lisa was thrilled with her wedding stamps USPS experience. She loved how her invitations looked with the tulip blossoms stamps and how they reflected her personality and style. She also loved how she saved money and time by buying her stamps online from The USPS Stamps and mailing them with ease.

She received many compliments from her guests, who were impressed by her invitations and appreciated her thoughtfulness. They also responded to her RSVP cards promptly, which helped her plan her wedding more smoothly.

She used the money that she saved on her stamps to treat herself to a spa day before her wedding. She felt relaxed and pampered and ready for her big day.

She also used some of the leftover stamps to send thank you cards to her guests after her wedding. She wrote heartfelt messages to each of them and expressed her gratitude for their presence and gifts. She used the same tulip blossoms stamps that she used for her invitations, creating a consistent and memorable theme for her wedding correspondence.

She was happy that she chose wedding stamps USPS for her wedding mail and that she found The USPS Stamps website, which offered her the best prices, designs, service and speed. She recommended The USPS Stamps to all her friends who were planning their weddings or other events that required mailing large quantities of envelopes.

She also bookmarked The USPS Stamps website for future use, as she learned that they also offer other types of stamps, such as flag stamps, holiday stamps, sports stamps and more. She looked forward to using their stamps for other occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and more.

She concluded that wedding stamps USPS were not only a practical necessity, but also a creative opportunity to add some flair and fun to her wedding mail. She was glad that she discovered them and that she used them wisely.

Here are some of the most popular wedding stamps USPS designs in recent years:

DesignNameUSPS PriceDescription
Tulip Blossoms$0.66 per stampA bouquet of pink and yellow tulips on a white background. Perfect for spring weddings.
Love 2022$0.66 per stampIt features a graphic illustration of flowers and vines forming a heart shape, inspired by European folk art. It comes in two colors: blue and coral. 
Sunflower Bouquet$0.90 per stampA bunch of bright yellow sunflowers on a green background. Great for summer or fall weddings.
Global: African Daisy$1.50 per stampA colorful daisy on a purple background. Suitable for international mail or exotic weddings.
Thank You$0.66 per stampA simple and elegant thank you message on a cream background. Useful for thank you cards or any occasion.

Even though the USPS official website has been raising its prices, you can still buy wedding stamps USPS at almost half price at the USPS Stamps. Don’t miss this opportunity to get beautiful and affordable wedding stamps for your invitations, thank you cards and more.

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