How to Order Postal Stamps Online and Save Money

Do you need to send a lot of letters, invitations, cards, or other mailings? If so, you might be wondering how to order postal stamps online and save money. Buying stamps from the post office can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you need a large quantity or a specific design. Fortunately, there is a better way to get your stamps online and enjoy the convenience, variety, and savings that come with it. In this article, we will tell you the story of Jane, a bride-to-be who needed to order postal stamps for her wedding invitations. We will show you how she discovered the best online source for USPS postage stamps, and how she saved money and got beautiful stamps for her special occasion.

Why Jane Needed to Order Postal Stamps Online

Jane was planning her wedding for June 2023, and she had a lot of things to do. One of them was to send out her wedding invitations to her guests. She had designed her own invitations, and she wanted to match them with the perfect stamps. She had about 200 invitations to mail, and she wanted to use the Forever stamps that would not expire or lose value over time. She also wanted to use some special edition stamps that featured flowers, hearts, or other romantic themes.

Jane knew that buying stamps from the post office would be costly and inconvenient. She would have to go to the nearest branch, wait in line, and hope that they had the stamps she wanted in stock. She would also have to pay the full price for each stamp, which will be $0.66 as of July 2023. That would mean spending $132 on stamps alone, not counting the envelopes and other mailing costs.

Jane wondered if there was a better way to order postal stamps online and save money. She decided to do some research on Google and see what options she had.

Order Postal Stamps Online

How Jane Learned About USPS Postage Stamps Online

Searching on Google

Jane typed “order postal stamps” on Google and saw several results. She noticed that some of them were from official sources like, while others were from third-party websites like eBay, Amazon, or The USPS stamps. She decided to check out each of them and compare their prices, selection, service, and speed.


She learned that was the official website of the United States Postal Service, where she could buy stamps online and have them delivered to her home or office. She found out that they had a wide range of stamp designs, including some special editions like Love Flourishes or Lunar New Year. She also learned that they had some useful information about postage rates, stamp types, stamp design history, and more.

However, she also discovered some drawbacks of buying stamps from She realized that they charged a shipping fee of $1.30 for orders under $50, which would add up to her costs. She also noticed that they did not offer any discounts or promotions for bulk orders or loyal customers. She also read some customer reviews that complained about slow delivery times, damaged products, or poor customer service.

Comparing eBay and Amazon

She then looked at eBay and Amazon, two of the most popular online marketplaces where she could find almost anything she wanted. She searched for “USPS postage stamps” on both sites and saw hundreds of listings from different sellers. She saw that some of them offered lower prices than, while others charged more. She also saw that some of them had free shipping options, while others added extra fees.

She was tempted by some of the deals she found on eBay and Amazon, but she also felt unsure about their reliability and quality. She wondered if the stamps were authentic, valid, or in good condition. She also worried about the security and privacy of her personal and payment information. She read some customer reviews that praised some sellers for their fast delivery and excellent service, but she also saw some negative feedbacks that warned about scams, frauds, or poor products.


She then came across, a website that claimed to be the best online source for USPS postage stamps. She clicked on the link and entered their homepage. She saw that they had a simple and user-friendly interface that made it easy for her to browse their products and place an order. She learned that they were a dedicated website that focused on providing USPS postage stamps related information and services. They claimed to offer the following benefits:

  • The lowest prices on USPS postage stamps online
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • A 50% off discount on bulk orders of 200 or 1000 stamps
  • A mystery box service that randomly selected stamps from different categories and themes
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund policy
  • A secure and encrypted payment system
  • A fast and reliable delivery service
  • A friendly and helpful customer support team

She was impressed by what she saw and read on The USPS stamps. She decided to give it a try and see if they lived up to their promises.

How Jane Ordered Postal Stamps Online and Saved Money

Placing an Order

Jane decided to order 200 stamps from The USPS stamps, enough for her wedding invitations and some extra for future use. She chose the mystery box option, hoping to get some surprise and variety in her stamps. She added the item to her cart and proceeded to checkout. She entered her shipping and billing information, and chose to pay with her credit card. She saw that the total amount was only $80, which was 40% of what she would have paid on She also saw that there was no shipping fee or any other hidden charges. She confirmed her order and received a confirmation email with a tracking number.

Receiving the Package

She was amazed by how easy and fast it was to order postal stamps online from She waited for her package to arrive, expecting it to take a few days or weeks. To her delight, she received it in only two days, much sooner than she expected. She opened the package and found a neatly wrapped box with a thank you note from She opened the box and saw 200 stamps in different designs, colors, and sizes. She recognized some of them as Forever stamps, while others were special editions like Celebrate, Wild Orchids, or Voices of the Harlem Renaissance. She was thrilled by the variety and beauty of the stamps, and felt like she had received a gift rather than a purchase.

Matching the Stamps with the Invitations

She sorted out the stamps and matched them with her invitations. She found that they complemented each other perfectly, adding a touch of personality and charm to her mailings. She affixed the stamps to her envelopes and mailed them to her guests. She received many compliments from her friends and family, who admired her invitations and stamps. They asked her where she got them from, and she happily recommended to them.

How You Can Order Postal Stamps Online and Save Money Too

If you are like Jane, and you need to order postal stamps online for your personal or business needs, you should check out too. They are the best online source for USPS postage stamps, offering the lowest prices, free shipping, discounts, mystery boxes, guarantees, security, speed, and service. You can order postal stamps online from them in three easy steps:

  1. Visit their website at and browse their products.
  2. Choose the quantity and type of stamps you want, and add them to your cart.
  3. Enter your shipping and payment information, confirm your order, and wait for your package to arrive.

That’s it! You will receive your stamps in no time, and enjoy the convenience, variety, and savings that come with ordering postal stamps online from

Don’t wait any longer! Order postal stamps online from The USPS stamps today and save money on your mailings!

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